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Monday, May 5, 2014

How to selfie with a timer

Wanna selfie but dont want to hold camera or HP. That is not a big deal. Lets get use all of the camera or HP function. It is a waste if you had bought expensive item and not use it to the maximum. But please dont get me wrong, even the cheaper HP camera or camera also have lots of funtion.

What you need to have to selfie with timer?

HP camera of course or camera, mirror to make sure you are pretty enough and something that can hold you camera. 

How to selfie with a timer

How to selfie with a camera or HP camera?

Please set the timer in you camera or HP camera. You can try search it in setting area or it can be found on keypad or screen. Each device have different location, so i cant tell you which one. Find it yourself okay..

Then, focus your device to thing that will hold your camera (please click the capture button too). It just to make sure that your picture is not blur.

After that, put it there like the picture above as quick as possible. Look how useful my cute purple handbag are. Pose a cute face and wait for a second or two after the device stop beeping. 

Yes, if we set timer for photo capture session the HP camera or camera will beep slow to fast once its ready to capture.

How to selfie with a timer

Tada... My morning selfie. Morning is always the great moment for selfie. Try it yourself..


  1. Selalu jugak buat cenggini.. Haha

  2. pagi-pagi dah selfie.

    rupanya miss nadia ada 3 blog rupanya

  3. Semangat ambik aura berkeja kan hihi

  4. boleh pose sesuka hati kalau xpyh pegang kan mama mursyid

    arz.. tapi yang ni je yang aktif terlebih.. huhu

    yurp cik akak, aura kerja pagi-pagi tu penting


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