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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

3 Most trendy watches for ladies out there!! Check this out…

Hey ladies!! Boring dengan jam tangan yang ada sekarang? Asyik-asyik pakai jam yang sama ja. Apa kata kita tambah koleksi, nak tak? Hehehe. N ni kalau bab shopping memang nombor satu. So ladies, I think this is the time for watches hunting. Kasi bunyi drum sikit…. Drum dum dum.

Even though in a modern era like nowadays, we can glance our cellphone screen for time, but watches will never go out of style. Yurp, its true and i will feel funny and awkward if don’t wear any. Rasa macam tak lengkaplah diri ni kalau tak pakai jam.. huhu

Today we can found lots of watches that not only can telling us what time is it but also acts as a piece of accessory. N sendiri pun pakai jam yang dikelilingi crystal. Ala-ala macam pakai gelang gitu. N suka sangat blink blink effect and make me look gorgeous all the time. Tak caya? Ahaaa cuba la kat diri sendiri :D

Feel clueless? Terlampau banyak sangat design, rambang mata? Okay, don’t worry, meh sini N kasi idea sikit. Actually, there are the three trendiest watches for women that will definitely be the next addition in your fashion wish list.

1) Gold wrist watch

Who will never say no to this gold wrist watch. No matter what the design is, gold watches absolutely shows off an exclusive element. Women who are in search for a sophisticated aura can wear a nice gold or rose gold watch and look stunningly elegant. Just like the lady below, does she look gorgeous?

3 Most trendy watches

Jam-jam lain yang ada elemen emas lagi berkilau. Ada yang tampak elegent, kemas, berfesyen mahupun sporty. Semua jenis ada.

3 Most trendy watches

2) Statement watch

However, for the ladies who want to make a statement, there are a wide range of trendy statement watch designs to choose from. Feast your eyes on the extensive statement watch design and select the ones which represent your personality. You will surely have a hard time picking your favourite pieces but statement watches enhances your whole look. For example, even if you are wearing a plain basic tee, the statement watches will absolutely perk up your style. But make sure to take into mind on the places where statement watches are acceptable. 

3 Most trendy watches

 3) Funky watch

Other than that, some ladies prefer a funky touch to their outfit and the coloured silicon strap watches will do the trick. The colourful pieces are suitable for women to flaunt on their casual day out with friends or running errands, It sure can brighten up your mood especially if you are on the go. Look younger and stylish without much effort wearing the trendy silicon strap watches.

3 Most trendy watches

Macam-macam ada, senang kan. Happy shopping semua

All picture credited to Zalora :D

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