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Thursday, August 15, 2013

50 cent bullet train ride

Babies is so naif and innocent..

Mempunyai hati yang suci lagi bersih


Because if you give them RM1 juta tak tentu lagi diaorang akan tersenyum lebar dan gembira..

But if u put them inside the bullet train / car / aeroplane and etc which cost you only RM0.50..

Cheap and affordable right??

Here you go.. their eyes will dazzling, happy and joy.

And most important, their priceless smile..

There are not thinking about money but they just need attention and care from people surrounding.

It is worth to let them know that we love them so much and appreciate by giving them some threats.

Asyraf love the ride so much and enjoy till the machine stop. 

And N also enjoy capture and video him on the ride..

It will be a priceless moment to share when he grow up..


Jangan malu-malu tinggalkan sekomen dua.. :D