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Monday, June 20, 2011

Girls.. shopping

Hey girls out there.. asyik blog walking jer.. Apa kata kita buat penambahan skit >> Blogshop Walking..

Take five ya.. Feast you eyes with these beatifulllllllllll item which i found them online..

Oleh kerana sekarang ni N a little bit obses ngan pemakaian skirt, so tiap kali tengok skirt musti N geram :D

Cute kan this flair chiffon skirt. the  price RM98 from wanna look pretty. So dainty and adorable, no wonder the price is very high. N tak biase beli barang mahal so pada pendapat N harganya memang tinggi :P

And this long dress also N took from the same blogshop, the price RM RM100. With the touch of dainty lace, make it look so girly and i love it that way :D..

Another dress from this blogshop, price RM52.. Finally, I found the affordable price.. But this ready stock have been sold out.. Urmmmm never mind this is just only Blogshop Walking / Window Shopping.

Tips: Chiffon material usually quite expensive, you know what i mean.. Beatiful, cool and soft material come with lots of $$$$.. avoid  them if you are in tight budget.


  1. lawa giler lah dress tu. berkenan ler plak..hehe

  2. a'ah, lawa gila dress tu. N dah la gila dress.. geram jer T.T

  3. hmm cantik beli kt butik...mesti harga dia mahalkan?

  4. yurp.. harga rm100 O.O . mahal wooo


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