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Sunday, January 5, 2014

BBKLCC Fiesta Parade

As I mention earlier about BBKLCC, this is the picture that i manage to edit and post.

Im transferring pictures from both camera that I use and mama to lappy.

But i decide to use mine because i dont want to burden myself.

Wondering which picture are the best to use will end up with tiredness and sleepy.

There are huge number of pictures and this is the best that I love to show you.

Along the road

Along the road we will see angel blow some kind of instrument.. sorry i dont know the name

fahrenheit entrance

hehe.. me at the fahrenheit entrance. My sister want to look around what they have inside.

mama kesayangan

Hot mama.. I went there with mama and my sis.

with lights every where

Xmas small tree, cute

Fahrenheit centre

At the center of Fahrenheit there is a beautiful deco to snap around.

All the Christmas deco remind me of Christmas Fairy Tales at Sunway Pyramid.

Hello every one

Huge bear that also seen at the entrance..I wish i can hug them.. urrrrgg

Ohh my.. I jus remember that I forgot to post about about Beary Christmas at Paradigm KJ.

Anyway dont worry. I will look forward to post them soon.

Mangkuk bertingkat-tingkat

Stacking bowl in front of Pavillion

snow man

Snowboy every one.

Patung beruang

Snow bear


Center of Pavillion

Xmas tree and rain deer
Food hunting

I dont like to eat here, but i have no choice.. :P


Went out from Pavillion after dinner, sat along the road waiting for parade.

brown and black shoes

Please dont blame me, its was 2 hours ++ of waiting. But i still have something to say about the picture.

Mama suggested me to wear her shoes and bag which both of them have two different color each.

Mama wear black shoes and red bag. And i wear brown shoes and purple bag.

Look like twin. For your information we have the same size for cloth and shoes :D

Belon air panas BBKLCC


Getting hot

After waiting for so long, here we go..

Dance all along

Kaki panjang

Daddy long legs?? hhaahaa

Mamat kaki panjang

mama kaki panjang

and minah kaki panjang :D

orang kullit hitam

Costume yang sangat menarik. Thumb up

Perarakan tahun melawat Malaysia

A lot of fun

Mereka sangat sporting. Nampak happy walaupun tengah penat..

Pelbagai negara

Costume from different country..


My sis like the pukul gendang team :D


Dancing dragon and its fish

Sangat sporting

Event dah habis, semua pengunjung berkesempatan untuk bergambar lagi dan menari.

kami bertiga

Sempat bergendang..

Me at xmas tree

Hey me again at Christmas tree and rain deer

Visit Malaysia 2014

Truly Asia, Visit Malaysia 2014.

Hope there will be a lot of event going on for both Malaysian and tourist.

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