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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Asyraf with his exercise broom

Baby is always cute..

This is the green rompers that I made for Asyraf using my old and unuse shirt.

Forgot to snap before (shirt) and after (rompers). Its very enjoy activities in order to clear up my wardrobe space and its very easy except for the button because i need to sew it manually.

Lets exercise

Hey everyone.. lets take 5 and exercise for our health :D

Asyraf keluar merendek

Mama, I'm going out and dont wait for me because I will be late..

I am super busy

Kapas Putih Daily Scrapbook Project Day 34

Scrappy using Parker template from Shabby Princess is very fun and enjoy.. I really love it


  1. creativelah dear the rompers tu i loikee...

  2. rajin budak tu. hahaha

    Singgah2 la sini :)

  3. Farah Waheda Wahid: haha potong-potong dan jahit je.. :D

    roq: budak tu dah terlebih rajin.. huhu


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