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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Silent of sleeping baby

What did you do when your baby take their nap?

Baby sleeping on the orange pillow

Wahh.. there are lots of things that I will do when he take his nap.

But one thing for sure I will not miss is to kiss his softy cheek and stare his face.

Asyraf tidur dengan nyenyaknya

It is an enjoy routine and moment that I love since he was born :D

Ahh.. This is Parker Template from Shabby Princess Scrapbook.


  1. hehe..katakan la tiba-tiba dia sedar, mesti dia cakap "mak buat pe tu"..hehe

  2. Nick Nashram: N boleh terus pengsan la sebab dia tak pandai nak cakap lagi.. hahah


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