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Friday, January 16, 2015

Thanks for the great advice lulu..

Never cross in my mind that someone who have the 4 digit of follower on their blog have the time to  browse my blog and left point of view towards my blog or me myself. For the first time when I open the comment section on the dashboard I just browse the comments without read it properly and thought that it just a randomly bug comment / spam because its way too long. Sometime advertiser company or softwares they have a system to randomly put their comment in order to promote their products..

But some point in the comment really catch my attention and make me carefully read for the second time. Urmm.. Is this for real?? Do Lulu comment such thing in my Salahsilah keluarga entry? I am shock for a 5.. 10.. 20 minutes. How am i going to respond? Clueless and Speechless until now.

I've been watch.. I am able to think and take it positive in order to improve myself and my future. Thanks Lulu for the great advice. I am looking forward to be a greater me than now.

I click the blogger and lulu cardina page is appear. Woww... This is one of my blogsite list, always have a hot story going on there.. I like

I have post the issue of salahsilah keluarga yesterday and a day after lulu gave us the respond / solution regards the issue

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  1. It's great to hear that you take it positively:)
    We all can be better if we try.
    Me too struggling to be better..


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