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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What do you do for remembering 11.11.11

11.11.11 or 11 November 2011 is a special date or we can call as "tarikh yang cantik". Many people out there anxious to get this date for their special occasion or event such as my cousin and one of my blogger friend (had their akad nikah on that day)

Im not read today's newspaper yet but there will be no suprise if somebody had their wedding on 11.11.11 with 11 dulang, RM 11,111.11 mas kahwin + duit hantaran, a bouquet of 11 roses and may also be accompanied with 11 sweet and beautiful flower girls or dayang. 

Hahhh, people are now crazy with numbers especially with the special one. As i can remember that my husband said "that it just numbers" and I agreed with that. 

But in the same time, deep inside my heart "yes, it is all about numbers but this number is very special becoz this date will only came once in our life time and I think we should do something on this special day."

"May be we can buy BIG APPLE and hang out at Padang Shah Alam. Watching the stars and spending the very last day of 11.11.11 together, just two of us." But none of this word spread out from my mouth as I knew that my husband is not kinda "on the spot type" and he already and always had his own plan  :(

Hurmm, since im alone in my lovely cozy room, I start digging out things so that I can made something in this special date before its running out. Well, after hours later before the clock reaching 12 midnite, I manage to make this:

Please dont ask me why I made this. I think I can do something for remembering 11.11.11. But after I had finish this "thing" which I think quite adorable, I still not feel anything. Making this "thing" will not remind me with any happy memory on 11.11.11 but seems remind me with "pushing myself hard". 

Im making this cute "thing" but what is the purpose? For whom? Hurmm.. 

Memory of 11.11.11. Im surely will remember this :(

Well, if you have sweet memory on this date, you can make this "thing" which also can be use as a card (you can write something on the back) and give to your love one in order to remember this special moment that both of you had :D

You just need an unuse box, scissor, glue and color pencil. 

You can make any shape as you desire :D

Anyway, Good bye 11.11.11.

Urmm, surely korang semua ada sweet memory pada tarikh ni kan. Happy for all of you :D