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Friday, January 15, 2016

Homeless Man does a shocking act you will never forget..

Hi all.. It has been almost two months leaving this blog without any new story. Well there are lots of activities going on and limited time for blogging.

Anyway, this morning, before perform any job which is lined up for today. I was really touch by a video of homeless man. Want to know more. Please watch this video.

I dont want to make a sad opening for the year of 2016. But I cant help myself. I just need to share this video with everyone. Seriously?? He is giving money to stranger. And he took about 7 month plus to save the money.

Look at the man who ask the money, good cloth or maybe have a car. But the homeless didnt think about that. He just think that he want to save that man and his family.

I am really touch.. and my tears are running down.

Hopefuly the year of 2016, there are more people who have the kindest heart like this homeless man.