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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Salads craving..

Lepas raya ni syukur sangat sebab selera untuk makan nasi dah ada. Macam automatik je taste bud ni. Habis puasa kembali cari nasi 😃.. Tapi sejak dua menjak ni N ada selera tambahan. I am craving for salads. Bayangkan lepas makan nasi kat office N boleh teringat- ingat salad yg beli hari sebelumnya. Pastu bila dah dinner kat rumah, boleh pula sambung salad.

Today N decide to have salad for lunch. Siap beli thousand island untuk mix dengan kewpie roasted sesame dressing.

Then lepas tu sambung pula cecah japanase cucumber dgn sesame dressing as an after lunch snake... yum yumm... gila puas hati

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Girl's Room Escape - Addicted android games

This is another addicted android games and app u can found in google play. Well, today is my second day and I have reach level or room 5..

Girl's Room is very cute escape game by Funkyland. U have to find five cosmetics for escape from room.

How to play:
Tap only.. easy ahhh??

- Beautiful graphics
- Simple and easy
- All room are cute (total of 18 rooms)

Cute girly layout, love each room so much. I rate it 10/10

Level of difficulty:
Depend on your level of creative thinking. Its easy, moderate and can be so hard too!!! Im on level three and its so hard, so i accidentally hit the hint button.. lol!!

My Rating for this game / app:
Really awesome. I gave it 10/10

It can be play offline... Nice haaa!! But need a connection if u need any hint..

Girl's Room Escape - Addicted android games