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Monday, November 18, 2013

I love reduce to clear item..

Most of the shopping store have a section of reduce to clear item.

Most of the item are nearly expired especially food in can, jar, boxes, drinks and raw item such as poultry, beef and fruits.

As i remember one time, im in Tesco at about 11++ pm and found that most of the item price (beef and poultry) being reduced to clear.

And of course u need to pick the best among the rest because most of the item are not fresh anymore. There are bruises and you also can see the changing of the meat color. 

And if u are lucky u can found a pack of pear (8 nos) at RM2.50. Wowww cheap isn't??

And guest wat?? Its still crisp eventhough the skin is full of black scratch.

So please dont be fool by its cover :D

Last week, i struggling to find the best looking apples at Hero Market for my Fruit Cutting Class. And one of the staff were there arranging fruits at the bin.

After pick the best one I looked for Yogurt and of course its Marigold Brand to eat along with apples.

This time I tried the peach flavor and I dont like the taste as I do for Mixed Fruit.

On my way to cashier, the staff (that arrange fruits beside me) ask me whether I want to purchase or not.

I silent and nod a bit. Then he took my apples and add more. Wrap and write the several number and price.

"Buah ni dah nak busuk, saya tambah la sebab takder siapa nak beli dah" - the staff

"Ohhh!! Alhamdullillah rezeki" - me

Wowww.. I got 9 nos of apples for 99 sen instead of 3 nos. Eventhough there are bruises but its still okay and some of them are still crisp to the bite.

Rezeki Hari Jumaat..

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