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Monday, October 13, 2014

Cute Singaporean Youtuber - Self Esteem Issues

Hey all.. Nowadays we can watch many things in youtube. The number of video release are mushrooming every single second. There are way much and type of video upload to enjoy.

Well, now i am enjoying video posting by Naomi Neo. She is a Singaporean youtuber. She is so cute. I was think that she is just an ordinary youtuber just like the rest but i was wrong until i come across her blog, then i realise that she is quite famous at Sg. Hurm, but this is not a surprise because there are many star nor celebrity famous because of youtube. Other things also because she is really cute. What ever that she do or what ever expression from her, her face never look ugly.. Always look cute. I am really jealous of her..

Okay, all.. Let me introduce this little and petite Naomi Neo.

She have amounts of video and this one i just found several minutes ago and i think this video suit for introduction of her.. She is talking about Self Esteem Issues. She is so cute and I never realize that she have self esteem issues. The cute and happy go lucky look like her also have issues.. And how about me??? Not cute and my hubby always ask me "Why muka masam"....... haaaa.. feel like i have tons of issues right now. This video really help me to become more positive about myself eventhough sometime i feel that why i cant be beautiful as Naomi Neo or why i cant be as famous as Naomi Neo..

How to deal with Self Esteem Issues accroding to this video:

We should never ever compare our self with someone that better and constantly trying to improve our self because of them

Never ever changed our self into someone we are not because we think become that person will make everyone like us. 

Accept of what we can change and what we cannot change. If we cant change, we should learn how to manage our mind set of how to look at things

Exercise and keep our self occupied with things that we like..

Have fun and just love our self for who we are

Someone else is happy with less than what we have.. 

me said: and this is so true and i hate when i agreeing this statement, seems like i am a bad person.. huhu.. This video is very helpful and give me motivation to think more positive about myself and whatever i do.. Thanks Naomi for this superb advice.

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