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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Are you happy with your life?

This video of Happiness by DanKhooProduction really make me touch and i miss my friends..

Secretly deep inside my heart I really miss the single moment I have with friends and also family. There were not much to think about those days. Just have fun and enjoying every single moment. There were no big issue or trouble ahead.

But now I still have friends and have new family of my own. But sometime when i feel exhausted of trying to keep everyone happy rather thinking of my happiness.. Its really bug me so much. I dont know what is the meaning of happiness anymore. Its hard to sacrifice to make others happy.

But what can I do?? Do I choose the wrong path? I am really need at least a friend right now.. Sobsob.. There are thousand million billion of friends out there, but it is really hard to have one that will always be with you whether you are happy or not.

How about you? Are you happy with your life??


  1. I dunno, but I prioritize my happiness first at this time, however, maybe it will be changed when I met someone, well, special. Kot.

  2. Mungkin akak & ramai yang lain faham perasaan N.
    But, what to do?
    Life must go on.
    * Feeling d same:(


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